How to Not Annoy Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer CambridgeMore often than not, we come across articles that tell us what to do and what to ‘order’ our photographers. As people who have zero ideas about photography, yeah, this may appear very clear, convenient and will seemingly help you create those beautiful wedding pictures.

But, let’s hear what real professional wedding photographer Cambridge has to say about this. At the same time, you will also know what you really need to do for that dream wedding picture like what you can see in

1. We appreciate the concern

It’s perfectly normal that you only want the best and to make sure that your hired vendors understand your vision. Wedding photographers also know that their clients have only got one shot to do this. They are given responsibilities to capture beautiful moments as they unfold and reveal themselves.

But to dictate down to the movements and things to shoot, such as creating a long-ass shot list is a big no-no. It’s a nonsense to many. They have worked and attended so many weddings, they remember it by heart. There’s no need for you to write down flowers, bouquet, table arrangements and the sort; you photographers would have finished doing all this by the time you read them out.

2. Proper discussion is a better way

Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and talk about your wedding. This is a so much better way to tell your photographer what you want. Instead of telling a baker the amount of sugar he needs to put, it’s better for you to explain that you love sweet stuff. That’s the kind of hint your baker wants to cater to the kind of cake you’ll love to enjoy.

As such, express yourself. Talk about your dream wedding and the beautiful things you imagine. From the way you talk and explain, your photographer will have a better glimpse at the kind of wedding album you’d love to keep.

3. Don’t worry and trust us

Wedding photographers aren’t cheap at the least. We know that. But to try telling, teaching, and practically do everything on your own (which only leaves the photographer to take pictures of the things you want) is redundant. You’re wasting your money on a professional wedding photographer Cambridge only to waste more time trying to configure the photographer.

There’s a need to believe in the skills of your photographer. As much as possible, let them work professionally and provide information on things that they potentially will never know.

4. Things they potentially don’t know

That’s right, just because you are told to not patronize them, you shouldn’t go quietly and expect them to know everything. Provide information on the number of guests, location, party theme, number of group pictures, etc.

These are things that will never know without you telling them. This should also be part of your discussion. Letting them know will open up more chances of capturing unique wedding photographs that only show up in your album.

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to share the information. Prevent any photographers from being annoyed and performing poorly because they had to deal with that long shot list!