Family Portrait Photography – 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Portrait Photographer London

A family portrait differs from a family photograph.

family photo shootMost people might think that the difference is only in the term used but they both encompass images. That however is not the case as the difference is in more than the term, the process and the outcome.

The family portrait is more or less a form of heirloom that in years to come would be exchanged or passed down from one generation to another. The portrait is a representation of the history of a family and it holds within it traditions that generations down the line will have to preserve. When it comes to portrait photography, the random photographer will not have the necessary skills or tools to bring about the best family portrait. The only way to capture the essence of a family is by investing in the services of that of a professional portrait photographer London.

Do not ever be misled to think that the professional portrait photographer London is one frivolous expense that should be avoided. If you consider the family portrait from the angle of it being an investment that generations down the line will still hold on to, then the expense is one that can be justified. The family portraits are a great means by which family members connect to memories even if years down the line, a few members have passed away or moved elsewhere.

However, before commencing the search for a portrait photographer London, three things need to be taken into consideration. They are:


The budget always has a part to play in determining photo studio chosen. The fees of a professional studio vary from the low per session charge to the fixed charge. A busy photographer might have to attend to several clients within the day and this means they will be busy. If our session goes beyond the planned time, you may find yourself paying extra.

Consult family members

Perhaps this should be done before consulting a portrait photographer as it would be easier to discuss the wishes of the family members with them. The type of pictures you want taken or the type of theme, background, colour to be used in the portrait should be determined beforehand. Whether the portrait is going to be demure or formal, have a beach background or outdoorsy background and whether the colours should be light or dull all should be agreed upon. Also, a quick look at the portfolio of a photographer should tell you what they are good at before making a decision on the type of portrait.

Plan what to do with the portrait

Finally, the last thing to consider would be what you intend to have done with the portrait after it has been captured. Is it going to be framed to be hung on a wall or do you just need prints for a family album? Do you prefer having a printed canvas or do you want a more trendy photo book to serve as souvenirs for an occasion? Or you can get pay a visit to for more ideas.