Horrible Mistakes Beginner Wedding Photographers Make

Grand Rapids wedding photographerBefore you get the right footing, as a beginner or a professional, there are so many things you would that done. In hindsight, you would have reeled and winced at the mention of a few of them.

As a Grand Rapids wedding photographer, I know that anyone can make a mistake. Nevertheless, making bad choices should not be the end of a budding and a potentially-rewarding career. Learning to make corrections as soon as you detect them is the proper thing to do. But if there are mistakes you should never make, here are a few of them:

  1. Being in It for The Money

Arguably the worst mistake of all. Choosing wedding photography because you have seen a few people strike it big should not be your objective. In fact, money should not be your drive. And you will agree that your drive is what should keep you going whenever you face ordeals in the profession.

What should your drive be? Let it be the love and passion you have for taking pictures or for taking wedding pictures better still. Visit websites of wedding photographers who have managed to stay long in the industry and you will find that love and passion trumps all else.

If not, within months, even when you have not given commendable services, you start to hike your prices and make your packages exorbitant. The wedding photography industry is foolproof against a business set up in that manner. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort invested before money starts to come in like you want.

To succeed, don’t do it for the money.

  1. Thinking It Is for Everyone

Unfortunately, wedding photography is not for every photographer just as surgery and cardiology isn’t for every physician. You need to find the niche you love. And if it is not weddings, don’t push it.

Besides that, there are lots of things to know and a huge amount of competition to face. you also have a lot to sacrifice: time, money and effort. As a Grand Rapids wedding photographer at https://www.chrystinmelaniephotography.com/, I can tell you that.

Many wedding photographers spend their time doing other types of photography like family, maternity, headshot and portraits. So, if you don’t have time to spare to learn and grow, then the niche is most likely not for you.

You have to be willing to learn because you just might need to be a “second shooter” for sometime to learn appropriately. You need to have a really sociable personality. You will meet a lot of people with different attitudes and you will have to learn to relate with them properly.

  1. Not Communicating and Listening

If you communicate badly, you will not get jobs. It is that simple. And as simple as it is, you can be extremely frustrated at the slow-paced progress.

Don’t make the mistake of not sharpening your communication skills before you even begin. Communication is the key to being a good photographer cum businessman or businesswoman.

You should be a really good listener; if you are not, then it is a mistake to be a wedding photographer. You will spend a good three-quarter of your time listening to and managing complaints: from the clients’ concerned chip-ins to a family member’s usually annoying advice on how you should take a particular shot.

  1. Accepting All Jobs

Learn to say no. Learn to decline requests and refuse offers that you are not contended with. There are lots of photographers out there and the moment you find out that you will be unable to do a job, it is a huge mistake accepting it.

Time management is a skill all photographers must have.

  1. The Mistake of Bias

Just because a client chose the package with the least price does not mean they go down your “like-effort” or preference list. “Like-effort” is you giving more attention and doing a better job for some clients and not for others.

Take this advice from a professional Grand Rapids wedding photographer: “All clients are equal, and to every client who signs your contract, you give your best”.