5 Important Tips for a Successful Headshot Session

headshot photographerA headshot photographer always meets new people with different personalities. From all these people, you need to take headshots that are professional and fits the client’s purpose. It’s a hard thing, for example, to take a cheerful picture of a guy with no sense of humor. It is also hard to make an introvert individual look outgoing and confident.

Build your rapport

No matter the kind of person, the first thing you need to do is to build a good rapport with them. Make sure that these people are comfortable with and trust in your skills and words. When someone is comfortable with you, they are more likely to let their guard down and you can see the tension around them eases.

Chat lightly about hobbies, their careers or whether they’ve taken headshots before. This kind of chats will also let you know how to break the ice on the actual headshot session.

Figure out what they need

So, what do your clients need with their headshots? Are they planning to use it to apply for a scholarship? Is it to audition for a lead role in a theatrical play? Find out the purpose of that picture and you’ll get a better image of how you want your client to act.

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Help them through the process

Before the headshot session, allow them to call or leave you a message if they need any help. Usually, clients aren’t quite sure about what they should wear, so give them suggestions as a pro. Wardrobe choice shouldn’t be too plain or too vibrant. Depending on what they need, there shouldn’t be more than 3 colors on what they wear.

Limit the use of jewelry to simple earrings and a necklace. Do you provide makeup service? If you don’t, find a reference to the kind of makeup that usually looks good on their type of headshot. It will help them get ready and come prepared with the right get up. It’ll save them the time to come back again later or receiving pictures that aren’t satisfying.

Use a positive tone

Your client is not a professional model, so it’s common for them to stand, sit or smile in the wrong way. It’s also part of your job to help direct them and smile more naturally. A good sense of humor will be useful. Putting them in a comfortable zone will help them understand your intention better and remain relaxed.

Instead of saying that ‘Your head is tilted in the wrong way’, try changing that to ‘You look great, see if it can get better if you tilt it more to the right’.

Edit as necessary

Never edit excessively on your clients. They’re not trying to change their identity into someone else. Editing their pictures should make them look as human and original as possible, but with small flaws removed. Meaning, you shouldn’t change the shape of her square jaw, but edit that acne and standing out hair.

A headshot photographer should focus on how to capture their client from the best angle to reduce editing.