Save Money As A Bride

Skip the bridal gifts.

wedding photographer BelfastYour inner wedding party will surely be able to appreciate the fact that you are thanking them personally and that you continue to express how happy you are to have them on your side while you are prepping for the wedding or while you are gearing for the big day. You don’t have to spend out an extra amount of money just to let them know about this. You can write out a handmade letter. That will be so much more personalized. There are a lot of other ways for you to customize how you will thank your bridal party so far. You don’t have to spend out for anything especially if you are working with a particularly challenging and limited budget for the wedding. You have other more important expenses to have to cover for such as your wedding photographer Belfast service, your venue, and so on and so forth. Don’t be misguided with the details. Focus more on what’s important so far and let this serve as your financial compass while you are navigating the challenging aspect of planning out a wedding.

Print out your own invitations.

You don’t have to get them professionally printed at all. There are a lot of ready made templates available and downloadable online that you can easily do your own wedding invitations if you don’t want to spend out some money for them. They can be quite costly and they can add on to the costs that you have for the wedding. You can be as creative and as exploratory as you would like to be when it comes to your wedding invites so make it a point to have at it. Don’t be afraid to see what you can do. And while you are at it, make sure that you also make it a point to give out invitations to your wedding vendors, just so that they know what’s up and what to expect during the day of the wedding itself. Your wedding photographer Belfast needs to be seamless, same with the rest of the services that you are booking out for the big day. Make sure that they have all of the info that they could possibly need or even more.

Stock your own bar.

If your wedding venue offers this out so that you can bring your own booze and just pay a reasonable corkage fee for it, then by all means, you should seriously make the most out of this. You will be able to have tremendous savings this way without depriving your wedding guests with booze that will help make the merry event merrier at the end of the day. It is just as important as the wedding photographer Belfast deal that you are trying to map out in detail so give it some focus and importance as well.

Display vendor cards to get discounts.

Think of it as some sort of ex deal wherein both parties get to benefit from it. Check out wedding photographer Belfast sites such as who can give you negotiable rates in exchange for some good old advertising during the day of the wedding.