The Best 3 Plugins to Provide WordPress Support for Photographers

wordpress support for photographersAre you a photographer gradually gaining momentum in your photography business? Are you an established photographer looking for more visibility or an adequate avenue to display your works, then why not try WordPress Support for Photographers?

Having a website is a very good idea! With a website, you greatly improve the presence of your services on the internet. You also maintain the control of the sharing of your photographs online.

Sure, photographers are able to share their pictures on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Social media is definitely a good medium for promoting your works. However, how would you leverage on the popularity of your images if you do not have a website?

So, first things first, before you actually create a website, you need to buy hosting and a domain name. After selecting a hosting plan, you need to build the website before taking a look at the WordPress plugins below:

  • WordPress Slider and Gallery Plugins

What is the first thing people want to see on a photographer’s site? You guessed it right! The images. Not only do your images need to look beautiful, they should be easy to access.

If you have a ton of images on your site, make it easy for the guests to move from one picture to the other. One method of doing that is by having a gallery utilizing the slides feature. Have you ever been on a site that requires you to exit a picture before you can view another one? That is, after viewing one picture, you close it, click on another then wait for it to load. This cycle repeats itself till the guest gets tired and logs out.

That is why, there is WordPress Support for Photographers emphasizing on how to maximize the user experience when viewing the images.

  • WordPress Security Plugins

Through watermarks bearing your logos, it is quite easy to assume the fact that your photographs are safe. Well, that is a wrong misconception. There are tools available for users to remove watermarks when needed.

So, when uploading pictures on your website, what other measures can you take to ensure the security of the pictures? That is, someone does not steal it for their own use. You can install a plugin that constantly checks whether your site has been hacked.

Another plugin you can get is one that does not allow for visitors to copy text or save images from your website to their devices.

  • WordPress Speed Plugins

Have you ever been on a site that took forever to load? After waiting for countless minutes, you simply gave up? Well, do not let your website fall victim to this. You might end up losing customers this way. With speed plugins, the performance of your website can easily be boosted.

There are a ton of them out there that help clear the cache and also reduce the image size uploaded without affecting the actual quality of the images.

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