What Wedding Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards

Greenwich wedding photographerThe memory card is one of the most vital parts of a wedding photographer’s life. It may not affect how good the pictures will turn out, but one error can end your life. Often than not, photographers found themselves in a bewilderment as they see their files getting corrupted, missing, or unreadable. Myths swirl around memory cards as many wedding photographers are not exactly savvy about it.

So, here is the guide for you guys who have begun to notice how important memory cards are for a Greenwich wedding photographer.

Have more than just one backup.

It’s important that you always have multiple backups ready on your back. You need a backup for your backup. It’s even better if you buy a memory card bag to keep them safe. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself runs out of memory. On the other time, you need to place different memory cards in your backup camera, because you should not just pluck out one from your main and then put it into your backup camera slot.

Don’t use one memory card in multiple cameras.

Two for each camera. Since most have two slots that enable you to get two memory cards of the same content in case one of them is corrupted. Do not use the same memory card on other cameras. It will most likely cause several files to go unreadable. Each camera comes their own factory setting that allows them to configure the memory card the way they want. When it clashes with another camera’s you don’t want to know what will happen.

Buy quality memory cards.

Don’t buy those cheap memory cards that fail on your third use. It’s important that your memory card is durable enough and won’t cause to make multiple trips to the store. It has to hold on for a full-day use and reliable for a Greenwich wedding photographer.

Use a good card reader.

The cheap card reader will not affect your memory cards. That’s the truth. What they do is simply read and show it to your screen. What you need to not is to not plug the memory card out when it’s reading. Let it finish reading and then proceed to do whatever you want.

Using a good card reader will help you read memory cards that are probably not in a good condition anymore. Cheap ones will just fail to read them, but good ones might give you a better chance to save what’s inside.

Don’t use wet memory cards.

Actually, wet memory cards are not broken. They can still function well because they are not gadgets and are made out of solid memory. So, if you accidentally dump them in the laundry, don’t worry. Unless it’s shred to pieces, you can still use it.

But it is also advised to not use it anymore since you don’t know if it’ll also screw with your camera or if something did go wrong.

Don’t lose it.

Yeah, I know this is redundant. Like obviously, who wants to lose it? But, this is a warning to remind to be extra careful when handling these little things. Sometimes, you just shove them in your back pocket or put it on the table as you fumble with the camera. You forgot about it and only remember when you got home. It happens, so the least you can do is to heed this warning.