What You Should Expect From Wedding Photography Offers

wedding photographer EssexWedding photography packages vary from one studio to another. Some could get as low as $900 others even as $4000 and sometimes you wonder if those numbers are too low or too high for what you are getting?

These are a few things that are included in wedding photography offers:

Number of shooters

Some photographers work alone, others offer you the service of additional shooters to cover more of your parties and to get more pictures in the alloted time.

Most people work with 2 photographers that consist of a couple who have worked together for years. Some of the reasons are because they consist of a good team and both can take each others’ pictures during the dressing process comfortably.

The length of time and amount of events

It can only be your wedding or for both your engagement and wedding procession. Everything should be stated clearly and listed where and how long should the event last. Some offer ‘unlimited time’ until the event finishes, others have a set amount of time, such as 4 hours.

The events that will be included range from getting ready at the saloon, spa or home, preparation day or hours before the wedding, cake cutting, family and guests group photos and many more which also depend on how your wedding will go on.

You should also ask how much is charged for additional hours used for photography and videography or if it is better to go unlimited.

The amount of pictures

Some offer unlimited amount of pictures, meaning the wedding photographer Essex will not limit how many pictures will give you almost everything they captured during the events. Some limit to some hundred pictures which means a cheaper price.

Photos, rights and digital version

Some wedding photography offers include printing your pictures into several as needed such as for the parents, couple or maybe relatives or friends, printing some important phots into coffee table album, etc. depending on the studio or the wedding photographer Essex. Also putting them up for digital slideshow and giving you CD of the full photos together with the right to reproduce them.

Some even offer personal session for slideshows of the pictures for close friends and family members.


For weddings that will be done in a place that require quite a cost to travel, you should also remember to include this into your budget and ask if it is in the package offered or if it has to be charged separately.


Each studio modifies and personalize their offers, but these are roughly what they usually offer. Some offer pretty cheap prices but come with numerous pictures that you are not satisfied, others may charge slightly more expensive but deal with your pictures professionally, or it could happen vice versa. Looking up online and asking around people who have used their services are a way to confirm and get more familiar with that particular studio or photographer. Don’t hesitate to negotiate! If you are being friendly enough, that favourite vendor that is out range might just make it happen for you, or they are usually friendly enough to refer to someone else more suitable to your budget.